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This giant double finger ring has as much story and passion built into it as it does layers of detail. It was quite an extensive process to finish from the initial design concept to completion as each layer was meticulously designed and made by hand. The two floating diamonds in the center slide across the ring symbolising a brother and sister on each side of the country who travel back and forth to see each other. The rose gold liner features a dragonfly wing pattern visible through the center of the floating diamonds. This symbolic insect represents change, growth and new beginnings while the engraved white gold detail that wraps around the finger writes a story of new growth on separate journeys in time.

Sounds all a little cryptic but to simplify, this is a gift from a sister to her dear brother who moved to a different state and celebrates the time they have when they come together and the new paths they have taken individually. The piece is designed to be worn across two fingers to make it that little bit more Extra! 

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